The Dermott O’Toole Memorial Library Board

The Library Board’s purpose is to administer the library operations and its funding.

The current Library Board members are:

  • Chair: Heather Lende
  • Vice-chair: Teresa Hura
  • Secretary: Mary-Claire Bernstein
  • Treasurer: Julie Hamilton
  • Member-at-Large: Joan McBeen

The Library Board works with our Librarian, Lisa Speno, to make our library a vibrant and vital part of the Tenakee community.

In addition to grants from the State of Alaska and City of Tenakee Springs funds, the library depends on moneys from gifts and fundraisers, and we encourage and appreciate all we receive. Periodically we develop fundraising projects to raise money to supplement our staffing and programs. Donations can be made to:

Dermott O’Toole Memorial Library
PO Box 35
Tenakee Springs, AK 99841